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it too high. >> you don't want to be in the front row of a movie theater, don't hang it together. >> what is the average price? the more money you spend the better? >>. >> that's not always the case, depending on the room side you're in. you're talking 700 to 1,000 for these specials. this one is an lg, under 600 bucks. this one is at target, looks great, beautiful, for $579, a great tv, 77 inches, not huge but will fit in most rooms. >> this one is pretty easy to mount compared to others? >> lightweight. you want to make sure when you are mounting you're looking out for lighting an any of those issues. also the height once again of mounting. one drawback with this guy, two hdmi ports. those are the things you connect like your cable box and dvd player, not a lot for a lot of folks, you may want four. >> why do you like this one? >> this is a sony, internet tv, bigg bigger, 50 inches and off by 200 bucks on sony.com and internet tv and you can get access to hulu or web content. >> good for a family that can use it in a lot of ways. >> the big dog, 60 inches, smart tv. >> you can connect t
to say i don't remember about 20 times in a row and we have two solid alibi witnesses. it's almost malpractice to put him on the stand. >> but the prosecutors believe his reluctance to testify was more about him not being able to stand up to the grilling he would have faced in a real cross-examination. >> my wife was murdered, that's the most important day of my life and i forgot what happened that day? it's because maybe i talked myself out of wanting to remember. >> i wanted to hear what he had to say. >> these jurors said the entire panel was disappointed that it didn't hear the story from michael george's own mouth. >> i think you can see a lot about a person when they talk about themselves. >> "dateline" talked to 10 of the 12 jurors and they told us the first vote revealed a split. seven guilties, five not. >> and your not guilties, what? needed to be persuaded? >> it was the robbery. >> the clarification. >> it was clarification and a couple had an idea that maybe the robbery did happen. >> the central question for each juror was which story to believe, the comic book collec
, or did we already miss it? let's bring in cnbc's mary thompson. nice to see you. we're hoping we didn't miss it. if we look at the closing numbers, the dow, nasdaq, s&p, on a roll. the indices posting gains four weeks in a row. the dow and s&p reaching five-year highs on friday. is now the time to get in there and invest? >> you know, there are a lot of reasons to say yes. first of all, let's look at the u.s. economy. we've seen improving numbers in the housing markets. better numbers on unemployment. then globally, we've seen improvements, as well. notably, better manufacturing numbers out of china and germany, two big economies. and so that's one reason. another reason is corporate balance sheets are very clean, they paid off a lot of debt. lastly, there's money on the sidelines to come in. that could fuel a rally. of course, there are cons because it's not always good news. the first one is, and i think you have to be concerned with this, the outlook for the u.s. fiscal picture. that could be a problem, especially going into march or february when we have the debate in washington. th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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